As a wisdom mentor and life athlete Anastasia guides her clients through elevation and teaches them how to navigate and fly.

Brand Re-Design

Anastasia was ready for the next stage of her journey – and her brand needed to reflect that. At the beginning of the design process, I created a magic sigil as her new logo. Sigils are powerful symbols that not only help accomplish one’s mission, but also help achieve goals and co-create one’s reality. Anastasia’s sigil contains a very special mantra that is close to her heart and that will guide her and her brand.

Brand Design

"Jessica is full of magic and positive energy. Working with her felt like being wrapped in a warm blanket - like having a partner I could fully trust. Someone who pours all their love and dedication into making my vision a reality."

– Anastasia Umrik, owner

Moodboard & Content Creation

Stationery & Product Design


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