BirdEatsCake - a special & sustainable fashion brand. All accessories are designed in the Hamburg studio and hand-sewn from deadstock. The carefully curated vintage fashion tells its own unique story.

Handmade accessories and a hint of vintage: The combination of old and new creates a very individual, unique, timeless and at the same time sustainable style.
BirdEatsCake’s slow fashion and accessories made out of deadstock are designed and handmade in Hamburg. The handpicked and carefully curated second hand and vintage pieces tell their very own story. In mixing both, you can create a style that is truly unique and sustainable.

Print & Product Design

“Jessica truly embodies our brand and it’s essence. This is an invaluable quality that enables us to trust her blindly with our brand communication."

– Kerstin Häseker, owner
Social Content Strategy

Brand & Content Photography

Web Design

visual identity, web design, social content, photography, videography