Patrick Diehr leads his premium catering company KOCHFABRIK fullheartedly and with upmost passion.

To this date, Patrick Diehr has created his own KOCHFABRIK cosmos with various concepts and locations – all based on the main philosophy of creating a mobile and yet delicious food experience for his customers.

I strived to design a logo that visualises Patrick’s passion for his profession, his expertise and virtuosity as a cook. At some point, during my lunch break, I held a bottle of balsamico in my hands and, only seconds later, found myself drawing with it on plates. The result is a symbol that perfectly matches the initial brief.

Photography, print & packaging design

“When I saw the new visual design, I was touched and incredibly proud. Working with you was a lot of fun not only for me, but also for my team.”

– Patrick Diehr, owner

Web design

Food & event photography

Reportage: I embarked on a photography journey, visited and interviewed the contractors of KOCHFABRIK to further visualise and tell the story of the brand’s approach to food, quality and sustainability.

visual identity, web design, packaging, photography, videography