A digital agency driven by true team spirit, led by endless curiosity and love for the alchemy of creativity & technology.

To underline the team spirit at nexum, I was asked to design a new t-shirt. So I came up with several fun design ideas (using hand-drawn elements) and after the winner was picked, I convinced the team to participate in a fab photo shoot.
My creative process + label production
White wine

Red wine label

Wine Brochure
“What are our customers getting for Christmas this year? Any ideas? Right, let’s create our own nexum branded wine and support a local winery, too!” – I thought that was a great idea and started my creative process.
Illustration | Nexum Postcards

My collaboration with nexum changed the visual appearance of the brand and their human-centric approach finally became visible to customers and a wider audience.

Content Creation: Stop Motion
As a content creator for the nexum Instagram channel, I strived to realize new creative ideas and concepts. And yes, I just wanted to have fun with my stop motion projects, too!

Brand & content photography

Through my photography I have created a new visual language for nexum. The results of the photo shoots are now used in all channels and print materials.

Web Design

I developed a concept for the possible new website aiming for a more colorful and emotional design that communicates nexum’s human-centric approach.
print design, photography, animation, social content design, web design