The image above shows the magic sigil created for Anastasia Umrik.

As Within, so Without: Use the Power of Magic Sigils to Create Successful and Meaningful Branding

Magic Sigils: What are they, really? Far from being esoteric nonsense, they offer a profound tool for personal transformation and branding. If you’ve ever used affirmations, confronted limiting beliefs, or explored the scarcity versus abundance mentality, the concept of sigils won’t be unfamiliar.
At its essence, a sigil is a visual representation of intention—whether desires, goals, or aspirations—crafted to boost self-confidence, clarity, and focus. Whether employed privately or in brand design, sigils can serve as channels for aligning your inner state with external outcome.

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What Exactly is this Strange Thing Called "Magic"?

To grasp what magic is, you must first understand the concept of energy:

The term “energy” derived from ancient Greek, made up of “en” (inside) and “ergon” (to take effect). In ancient times the term was understood as “spirited impact”.

  • In modern contexts, energy manifests in various forms, serving as the driving force behind action and transformation.
  • In psychology, it embodies inner drive and the capacity to enact change
  • In physics, it is known that even the most solid matter consists of vibrating energy particles at its core.

So, everything is energy—interconnected, flowing, and influencing each other.


If we assume that everything is energy, then magic is the art of directing and transforming this energy to achieve specific results and unlock potential.

But what does this really mean?

Your consciousness operates as a filter, shaping your perception and experiences. Like blinders, its biases can restrict your vision, limiting your ability to see beyond predetermined perspectives. Moreover, your subconscious harbors deeply ingrained behavioral and emotional patterns, often unnoticed yet profoundly impactful.

In essence, “magic” serves as a tool to overcome these limitations, bridging the gap between the subconscious and conscious. By dismantling these mental barriers, you unleash the flow of energy, enabling yourself to act freely and authentically.

The image above shows an example of a magic sigil.

The Origins of Sigil Magic and Its Scientific Roots

The roots of sigil magic may stretch back to the beginnings of humanity.  Some believe that storytelling wasn’t the only reason our ancestors painted cave walls. The paintings could have been used to bring about positive changes for the future.

These paintings, such as successful hunts, likely functioned as symbolic lucky charms, a practice known as “analogy magic” or “sympathetic magic.” By visualizing desired outcomes, our ancestors sought to influence their future positively.

Alchemists, too, embrace this concept with their fundamental principle: “As above, so below; as within, so without; as the universe, so the soul.”


Though preceding modern neuroscience, this principle laid the groundwork for understanding the Brain’s Reticular Activating System (R.A.S.), responsible for selective perception. It suggests that our internal state shapes our external reality, emphasizing the profound interplay between mind and environment.


The principle of Selective Perception


Consider this common scenario: You decide to buy a red car. Suddenly, throughout the day, you notice an abundance of red cars on the streets, seemingly appearing out of nowhere. This phenomenon illustrates the remarkable efficiency of your brain’s filter, operating tirelessly to manage sensory input and prioritize relevant information. By aligning with your intention to buy a red car, your brain amplifies your perception of red vehicles, making them stand out amidst the background noise.


This highlights the crucial role of focused attention: what you nurture within your inner world manifests in your external reality.


Imagine your inner landscape as a receiver—by tuning it, you not only shape what you’re able to experience (receive) – but also alter the projections onto your outer world. For instance, harboring beliefs of inadequacy and scarcity projects an aura of insecurity, limiting your opportunities for growth, success, and fulfillment. Therefore, cultivating a nourishing internal dialogue is paramount, as it sets the stage for your opportunity to thrive.

Ask yourself:

What conscious mindset (above) will you create through your actions (below)? How will you adjust your receiver (inside) and what will you encounter as a result (outside)? What will you consciously perceive (universe/existence) to create the reality you desire (soul)?

The image above shows an example of a magic sigil.

What Are Magic Sigils and What Can They Do for Your Brand?

At the heart of a magic sigil lies a sentence—the articulation of a specific purpose, wish, or goal, known as the intention.


During the drawing process, this original sentence transforms into individual letters and geometric shapes, from which the sigil is then created.


Critical to the sigil’s efficacy is the expression of intention as though already realized. This technique enables the subconscious to perceive it as a present reality, dismantling mental barriers and filters in the process. Sigil magic takes advantage of your subconscious’s preference for visual messages over verbal articulation.


Throughout history, symbols have served as essential instrument for expressing thoughts, desires, and recognition value. Yet, modern brand logos often prioritize the latter over emotional resonance, resulting in generic and uninspired designs. With a magic sigil, you can charge your logo with deep meaning and make it positively impact you (and your customers) in everyday life.


There are two types of sigils:

  1. Mental sigils, once created and activated, are burned, and forgotten so that they can fully function in the subconscious.
  2. Physical sigils, on the other hand, remain visible to the external world, making them suitable for brand design. These sigils remain visible to the outside world and can be used digitally or, for example, as a talisman.

The image above shows the magic sigil created for ondela / Melanie Lindemann

The Benefits of Sigil Magic in Branding

Unique & Individual – just like you and your brand


Your sigil is drawn individually for you, no one else will use this exact symbol and there is no similarity to common, generic symbols. This uniqueness is an important part of your branding.



Value-based design – Meaningful & soulful business



Incorporating a strong value system into your branding provides clarity, meaning and focus. This effect is magnified when your logo design is based on these values. In the daily course of business, your logo becomes a visual representation of what your brand stands for, influencing both internal decisions and external perceptions.


A source of strength and inspiration



Due to the special way the sigil is made and the fact that your positive intentions form the basis of the symbol, you create a visual reference that you can fall back on in challenging moments. Whether digitally, on paper or as a talisman object – as soon as you get in touch with it, the connection to your intention is (re)established. You remember what it feels like when the energy flows and you can move on to conquering the challenge at hand!


When used as a talisman, your magic sigil can become a source of strength and inspiration for you, positively influencing your daily activities.


The image above shows the House of Hyacinth talisman.

Embracing Sigil Magic: My Personal Journey

I was introduced to the transformative power of magical sigils when I was looking for a tool to help me implement goals and “reprogram” negative beliefs. As a spiritual person, it didn’t take long before my research led me to sigil magic.


Attention: Please keep in mind that sigil magic functions as a supportive tool rather than a replacement for therapy or coaching. It enhances the existing strength and vision within you, facilitating clarity and guiding your focus toward nurturing thoughts and emotions.


Within a few months I refined my approach to crafting sigils and got to the point where I felt I needed to create a sigil as the new logo emblem for House of Hyacinth.


Three values emerged that I really wanted to anchor in the branding. For me, these values represent a strong intention and clearly define what I want as a reflection on the outside.


After finding digital and printed representations of my sigil slightly insufficient, I decided to have it engraved on a pendant, allowing me to always carry it with me. I find this option incredibly empowering; whenever I wear the necklace, I feel a surge of confidence, which positively influences situations such as client meetings and many other occasions.


In moments of doubt or stagnation, the sigil reignites my creative spark, reminding me of its message and guiding me back to a place of inspiration and determination.

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